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Life Essentials

Our modern experience is littered with thoughtless excess. We have fast communications, fast cars, fast fashion and fast food. We pride ourselves on the quick, mass production of everything, however this often comes at the compromise of care, consideration and quality.

At WSw, we believe in the beauty and authenticity of thoughtfully made life essentials, in rebellion against today’s excess.

Founded in 2016, WSworkshop creates apparel and stocks goods for people who appreciate clean lines, craftsmanship and function. The range takes inspiration from everyday life and the aesthetic is anchored in quiet confidence and versatility. 

Great fits combined with remarkable, distinctly utilitarian details, culminating in men's clothing and homewares that are generous in spirit and stand the test of time.


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+61 411 701 418
9b Hynes St
Fortitude Valley, Q 4006
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