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Wrightson Stewart - Toowong Apartment - WSworkshop Styling

There is a sanctity which needs to be considered when designing and styling your bedroom. A private retreat, the bedroom operates best when simplicity reigns and each item in the room is carefully considered, foregoing clutter and overt styling.

The Wrightson Stewart Toowong Apartment was an exercise in colour blocking, a departure from the firm's signature palette into soft hues of natural and teal, complimented by textural neutrals in the soft furnishings.

Styling the space required a delicate touch, finding ways to punctuate the soft colour scheme with monotone pieces from our Autumn Winter collection. These pieces, while strong individually, worked together to accentuate the cleanliness and beauty of the space.

A key consideration in stark, clean rooms is how best to introduce a product narrative that adds depth to the overall story of the interior. This was achieved best within the Toowong Apartment by reserving a dark palette for furnishings and textiles, using white and blonde timber to compliment the design via the lamp and chair choices.

Wrightson Stewart - Toowong Apartment - WSworkshop Styling

The overall result is a considered space with a lived in quality. Styling items are kept to a minimum in favour of functionality over decoration, retaining the clarity of the design while showcasing the beauty of each product.

For more images of the Toowong Apartment, visit the Wrightson Stewart website here.

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