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Our favourite thoughtful life essentials

1. Campaign Chair

Inspired by a classic 20th century design, the Campaign Chair is foldable at a moments notice. It gives you the ability to take a piece of your personal style wherever you go.

2. Silver Teapot

Brew, pour, repeat. Offered in the same design it has been since the 1930’s, it is a product of quality, integrity and history.

3. Hanging Planter

A subtle way to take your greenery to new heights.

4. Straw Pot Mat

Trivets keep bench tops safe and fingers unsizzled. Made from 100% straw, these are a kitchen essential.

5. Everyday Bag Two Tone

A story of two fabrics, handmade using a combination of Japanese selvedge denim and 100% Australian wool. Servicing artisans, bakers and bankers alike with functionality and versatility.

6. Anglepoise Type 75 Lamp

80 years of refinement has gone in to Type 75 desk lamp from Anglepoise.

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