Meet The Maker - Jonathon Midgley

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At Wsw we partner with some of Australia’s best designers and makers to create carefully crafted products.

Meet The Maker - Jonathon Midgley

Our collaboration with Jonathon Midgley has been one of our favourite partnerships.

Jonathon, a student of Theology, established Damask Perfumery in 1978.

In 1982 Jonathon created the fragrance Lyre as a small batch of 100 blown-glass flacons created by glass artist Peter Goss. Bottle No. 1 was presented to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II when she was in Brisbane for the Commonwealth Games.

In 1988 he was commissioned to design ‘Q’ the official scent of the Queensland Pavillion at Expo 88. Damask Purfumery has worked with bridal wear designers, high end fashion houses, theatre companies and art galleries to create fine perfumes.

The WSw/Damask collaboration is no different, following a small batch production method of 100 units. Subtle, but distinct, the fragrance blends the notes of Cedar, Sandalwood, Black Pepper and Brazillian Rosewood together to create a sumptuous everyday scent.

Midgley has been described as one of Australia’s most creative perfumers. His fragrances challenge the nose and have a depth of character that linger in one’s mind.

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