Meet The Maker - Eleanor Millard

WSworkshop - Meet The Maker - Eleanor Millard

Eleanor Millard’s work is immediately recognised for its subtle blended forms and haunting imagery of Victoria’s rural and coastal landscapes and communities.

Her imagery is atmospheric and evocative, hovering between hazy fragments of memory and more definitive formal structures of land or sea. With an intuitive feel for texture and medium, whether on paper or canvas, Eleanor’s work is subtle yet strongly expressive.

Eleanor Millard is a RMIT Graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Textile Design.

In 1999 she as the Major Winner of a Victorian Design Award in Textile Design.

In 2010 she had her first art exhibition with Australian Galleries.

This culminated in her being a finalist in the 2011 Wynne Prize.

In 2016 Millard partnered with WSworkshop to create a limited edition series of works on paper that reflect the refined and carefully crafted nature of our brand.

The collection explores shape, ambience and mood, with each work hand printed on Italian paper and signed by the artist.

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