How to Wear Shoes without Socks

Spring Court Sneakers with no socks

Going sockless is the biggest men's style trends of the last five years.

There are a few considerations to nailing this look, not just the danger of your perfectly good brogues becoming a pair of bin-smellers!

1. The Correct Shoe

Of course Loafers are designed to go sockless, but don't think they're the only option. Low-cut sneakers (find Spring Court sneakers in our store), brogues, monk strap, derby's all work for this look.

2. Pair it with…

Jeans, pants and shorts all work, but the slim fit chino looks best.

3. On Occasion

You can go sock free just about anywhere - be brave and try sockless with a formal look!

4. Style Tip

A slim fit pant or rolled up hem is best for this look. Aim for the base of the pant (if unrolled) to sit about 5cm above your shoe, exposing the ankle.

5. Care Tips

1. Allow each pair of shoes a 24-48 hour resting period before wearing again.

2. No-show socks are the secret to the no-socks look!

3. There are lots of odour-eating products out there, from sprays to powders. Shoe care is key, so make sure to use a product that freshens your shoes.

4. Try dusting the inside of your shoes in talc powder. This will soak up an moisture.


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