For Rooby

WSworkshop Journal - For Rooby

Why ‘Rooby’?

Our niece, now about to turn 21, was asked to name her back in 2001.

After picking her up in her arms and holding her, she thought long and hard and then wrote her name on a piece of paper, spelling R-O-O-B-Y.

Since that date, Rooby was a huge part of the Wrightson Stewart team.

She was involved in all the highs and lows of small business, even sleeping on the desk as we rushed to meet deadlines - sometimes working until 2AM.

She was the perfect fit for Wrightson Stewart, as the design industry enabled her passion for high end luxury textiles - somehow she managed to commandeer a Missoni blanket as her own…

What we have begun to realise since her passing is that somehow we thought that we managed and ran our business… how foolish are we?

In fact it was Rooby that was in complete control and we just followed her lead….


for Rooby…2001 to 2016

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