Box Fresh White Sneakers

Spring has arrived, which means it's time to get into our best pair of fresh white kicks!

At WSworkshop we use a fool-proof five step program to keep white trainers looking box fresh.

Step One

Remove laces and put them into a bowl of warm water with some detergent and a splash of bleach. Swirl and leave flat to dry

Step Two

Wipe shoes with a damp cloth, using a toothbrush to get the dirt out. Use a Magic Eraser to remove marks from the soles

WSworkshop - Box Fresh White Sneakers - Jason Markk

Step Three

Squirt a sneaker cleaner (we suggest Jason Markk) on a shoe brush, dunk in hot water then lather the upper.

Step Four

Rinse off soap. Use a microfibre cloth to remove any remaining marks.

WSworkshop - Box Fresh White Sneakers - Crep Protect

Step Five

Deploy some Crep Protect for stain resistance.


WSworkshop Tip: Duct tape inside jeans cuffs to stop dye bleeding onto the shoes.

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