10 Questions with…Ryan Reed from RYAN.CO BARBERSHOP+SUPPLIES

WSworkshop Journal - 10 Questions with...Ryan Reed from RYAN.CO BARBERSHOP+SUPPLIES

Ryan Reed is the in-house stylist at WSworkshop, operating RYAN.CO Barbershop + Supplies in our Fortitude Valley location. Originally a Sunshine Coast local, Ryan has been styling hair for over 10 years and is passionate when it comes to creating the right look for every client's hair type and personal style.

Ryan cut his teeth at Notting Hills, Carter and Bond at Woodhouse as their exclusive barber and stylist.

His technique, experience and understanding of mens hair and fashion have made him a favourite with his loyal clientele.

Ryan is available by appointment Tuesday-Sunday at WSworkshop. Book online here.

01/ What is your definition of good design?

Anything with some serious character is a good start. For me, it's all about the right colours and textures though.

02/ What would you rather be doing?

Drinking old fashioned's in New York

03/ Your favourite piece of furniture?

My bed

04/ Digital or analog?


05/ What is your most treasured item in the house?

My kicks

06/ List your 3 favourite words.

Dam, banging, lol

07/ What was the last thing you drew?

Directions...didn't end well

08/ What drives you crazy?

Bad hair

Bad hair

09/ What are your 3 favourite materials?

10 Questions with...Ryan Reed from RYAN.CO - favourite materials

White tiles, concrete, textile

10/ Tell us your current obsession.

Kendrick Lamar - Damn Album

Kendrick Lamar's new album, Damn.

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