10 Questions with...Josh Elley from RYAN.CO

WSworkshop Journal - 10 Questions with...Josh Elley from RYAN.CO

A massive welcome to Josh Elley who will be operating our second chair at RYAN.CO. Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand… The skipper of the clippers, a fade specialist who will have your beard purring like a winter lion!  Two chairs not only means a fresh addition to the continuously evolving #ryancostandard… there will be more appointment times available and finally some new jokes!

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01/ What is your definition of good design?

I think good design is when something is aesthetically pleasing.

02/ What would you rather be doing?

Travelling around the world with $100m!

03/ Your favourite piece of furniture?

My leather lazy-boy chair.

04/ Digital or analog?

Digital for everything except watches.

05/ What is your most treasured item in the house?

My PlayStation.

06/ List your 3 favourite words.

Skuxx, absolutely, bro.

07/ What was the last thing you drew?

A Buddha I think.

08/ What drives you crazy?

Bad driver

Bad drivers.

09/ What are your 3 favourite materials?


Gold, suede and Egyptian cotton.

10/ Tell us your current obsession.

Currently into making short little films, just practicing my post production skills.

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