10 Questions with…Ian Wrightson & Steven Stewart

WSworkshop Journal - 10 Questions with…Ian Wrightson & Steven Stewart

01/ What is your definition of good design?

Ian Wrightson: good design creates a narrative between the client and the space.

Steven Stewart: aesthetic quality is integral - good design should have an effect (...positive) on people and their well-being. GOOD DESIGN should stand out in a competitive market.

02/ What would you rather be doing?

Ian Wrightson: travelling

Steven Stewart: wandering around San Francisco

03/ Your favourite piece of furniture?

Baxter's Casablanca Sofa

Ian Wrightson: At the moment its Baxter’s Casablanca Sofa, designed by Paola Navone…tomorrow…who knows...

CH25 Chair by Carl Hansen & Son Hans Wegner

Steven Stewart: CH25 Chair by Carl Hansen & Son Hans Wegner

04/ Digital or analog?

Ian Wrightson: digital

Steven Stewart: analog

05/ What is your most treasured item in the house?

Ian Wrightson: my dogs

Steven Stewart: my dogs

06/ List your 3 favourite words.

Ian Wrightson: datum, uber, fuck

Steven Stewart: spiegeltent, family, hilarious

07/ What was the last thing you drew?

Ian Wrightson: a circle

Steven Stewart: a floor plan

08/ What drives you crazy?

Ian Wrightson: bad coffee

Steven Stewart: leads and cables (...a tangled mess)

09/ What are your 3 favourite materials?

10 Questions with… Ian Wrightson - 3 favourite materials

Ian Wrightson: slate, terracotta and cork

10 Questions with… Steven Stewart - 3 favourite materials

Steven Stewart: besser brick, carrara marble, teak wood

10/ Tell us your current obsession.

10 Questions with... Ian Wrightson's current obsession - Aqq Index Site

Ian Wrightson: http://aqqindex.com/

Steven Stewart: my spotify playlist (70s, 80s, now and no 90s)

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