10 Questions with...Heath Missen from Gentleman's Lather

WSworkshop Journal - 10 Questions with...Heath Missen from Gentleman's Lather

Heath Missen is one half of the team behind Gentleman’s Lather. For the well-scented gentleman, these luxurious, cold-pressed soaps are handmade from natural ingredients, including Burleigh Brewing Co beers. Classic soap scents such as mint and salt are available or go bold with their signature pale or dark ale lathers. Heath answered our 10 Questions...

01/ What is your definition of good design?

My background is in photography. As my career evolved, I pushed myself towards a minimalist approach to my work and the equipment that I carried. A move that resulted in a more direct relationship to subject. I believe good imagery and design to be uncomplicated, functional and have the ability to speak directly to an intended audience.

02/ What would you rather be doing?

Nothing. That said we do have a grander plan to expand our portfolio of plant oil skincare and grow the Gentleman's Lather brand. There is a romantic vision of a small slice of utopia, which would allow us to plant, harvest and press the bulk of our own oils and grow ingredients. There have even been whispers of a GL branded gin.

03/ Your favourite piece of furniture?

An Australian mid century daybed that we discovered on gumtree and restored. There is something enormously satisfying that accompanies the process of breathing new life into a beautiful old object.

04/ Digital or analog?

Analog, no contest. I am not good with most things manufactured post 1983 and will never appreciate the need for a smart television or days of digital menu.

05/ What is your most treasured item in the house?

My wife, followed by our dogs who would take great offence at being listed second.

06/ List your 3 favourite words.

1970-something, Road trip, Tasmania.

07/ What was the last thing you drew?

The last thing I drew would have been a mock up of soap packaging. Drawing has never been strength.

08/ What drives you crazy?

In no particular order, traffic, arrogance and ignorance.

09/ What are your 3 favourite materials?

10 Questions with...Heath Missen from Gentleman's Lather - favourite materialsMy best material often comes in the form of very ordinary Dad jokes. To answer your question: timber, wool, and leather.


10/ Tell us your current obsession.

10 Questions with...Heath Missen from Gentleman's Lather - current obsessionMost cars that rolled off the production line through the late 60's - early 1970's. With special mention to the Porsche 912 and the Series 11 Land Rover.

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