10 Questions with...Burly Fellow's Aaron Trotman

 WSworkshop Journal - 10 Questions with...Burly Fellow's Aaron Trotman

Left (Chris Morton), Right (Aaron Trotman)

10 Questions with…Burly Fellow’s Aaron Trotman (along with Chris Morton) is the brains behind Burly Fellow, Wsworkshop’s preferred men’s grooming and skincare line. The brand has teamed up with beyondblue to help promote issues of depression and anxiety, donating profits to the cause. Aaron answered our 10 Questions.

01/ What is your definition of good design?

Something that looks interesting and your mind makes up the story.

02/ What would you rather be doing?

At the moment - nothing, I'm loving this new venture and the learning curve we are on as a young company.

03/ Your favourite piece of furniture?

My original 1970's Kreisler all in one turntable system

04/ Digital or analog?


05/ What is your most treasured item in the house?

Fiddle Leaf

Our 2m fiddle leaf, it cleans the air and looks amazing

06/ List your 3 favourite words.

Oath, How long, How much

07/ What was the last thing you drew?

Some design stuff on illustrator for some new ideas we have for 2017.

08/ What drives you crazy?



09/ What are your 3 favourite materials?

WSworkshop Journal - 10 Questions with...Burly Fellow's Aaron Trotman - favourite materials

Wood, Steel, Ceramic

10/ Tell us your current obsession.

Anything Japanese - from smells to craftsmanship to food. It's all just the BEST.

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